Classic | Women’s Jersey 2.1

  • 15-26 °C
  • 115 g

A summer women’s cycling jersey designed with a women’s specific cut that fits snugly onto the body especially when in the riding position. A lightweight cycling jersey suitable for road as well as forest trails is the best choice for an active cyclist.

Weighing only 125 grams, the light weight is achieved thanks to the airy Italian fabrics. They dry quickly and cool the body on long hot summer days. All of these elastic textiles are designed to fit snugly around the body, tighter than a Classic cycling jersey but looser than a Active cycling jersey.

The sleeve ends are seamless and silicone-free, they are comfortable for the wearer and look better. The covered zipper joins the jersey into a solid whole. The lock on the Women’s Classic jersey doesn’t get stuck and doesn’t take extra energy to open and close when competing.

Back pockets with tapered edges are easily accessible. The shirt also includes a hidden 4th pocket for valuables.

This item is only available here as a custom design.

Product highlights:

  • slim-fit
  • lightweight
  • coated 4mm YKK concealed coil zip
  • seamless sleeves
  • rubber grip lined bottom hem
  • extra pocket with hidden zipper
  • reinforced tapered rear pockets with easy access
  • extra pocket with hidden zipper
  • tappered collar



Designed for performance

Long cycling races set higher standards and this includes clothing. Our Pro series jersey is made of a lightweight fabric that still provides support for muscles. The back part makes use of mesh textile to make the jersey more breathable and increase the speed with which sweat is directed away from the skin, thus enhancing the thermoregulation of the whole body.


Streamlined slim-fit cut

This jersey is perfect for cyclists looking for maximum thinness and fit to reduce drag as much as possible. Since the shirt is very light and breathable it is designed primarily for cyclists engaging in intensive training.