Classic | Men’s Jersey 2.1

  • 15-26 °C
  • 115 g

Our most popular summer cycling jersey. The Classic jersey is made from carefully selected environmentally friendly fabrics. Four different fabrics are combined in a way to achieve the best balance between aerodynamics, elongation and ventilation properties.

Like the entire Classic series, the jersey is designed to tightly fit around the body while in a racing position. The fit is tighter than our Classic cycling jersey, but fits more freely than a Active jersey. The Classic 2.1 jersey is designed to suit both mountain bike and road racing positions. It is ideal for both training and competition during the summer months.

Smooth chest sections conduct air smoothly to the sides of the body and are soft to the body. The mesh side panels add elasticity to the jersey and act as the primary source of ventilation. Most of the body heat is directed away through the ventilated back panel.

It is important for a competing rider that the front lock of the cycling shirt moves easily and can be opened and closed with one hand. The lock of the Classic jersey does not get stuck and does not take extra energy to open and close during the competition. In addition to the back pockets, the shirt also has a discreet zipped pocket that holds money, keys and a smaller phone.

This item is only available here as a custom design.

Product highlights:

  • slim-fit
  • lightweight
  • M.I.T.I Greensoul environmentally friendly fabrics
  • coated 4mm YKK concealed coil zip
  • reinforced tapered rear pockets with easy access
  • extra pocket with hidden zipper
  • 45 mm stopper silicone strip on sleeves
  • ventilated mesh side panels
  • rubber grip lined bottom hem
  • tappered collar