Women’s Bib Shorts Premium 1.1

  • 14-28 °C
  • 190 g

Women’s Premium cycling shorts are finally available and designed in full club colours. The shorts do not put pressure on the legs, due to it does not have separate leg silicones. Featuring a high waist line that even out the body line and distribute moderate pressure over the entire body and make the longest days in the saddle comfortable.

The Premium shorts are the most body-hugging of the women specific models to reduce excess material and fabric wrinkles. At the same time, the four-way stretch fabric has enough stretch to ensure freedom of movement and compression to evenly support the body in its riding position.

To make even the longest rides a pleasure, we have chosen a special fabric. Its mesh density is 10% higher than usual, which supports the muscles during prolonged tension. Instead of pointed leg silicones, the legs have integrated anti-slip strips that do not put excessive pressure on the legs.

The women’s pillow, consisting of two layers of different pressure strengths, is covered with a fabric that is extra soft on the skin to ensure comfort throughout the long day.

Product highlights:

  • super-slim-fit competition cut
  • streamlined high waist
  • integrated leg silicones
  • 50+ UV protection
  • 2-layer cushion with a density of 65 kg / m3 + 120 kg / m3
  • sweat wicking
  • non-rolling bib straps
  • elastic Eloflex threads
  • low profile and anti-friction flat seam technology

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Premium bibs

Development of the Premium Series Bib's

The Premium series bib-shorts have been created in partnership with real world pro cyclists. The anatomical and riding-fit shorts support the body and enhance riding pleasure. Thanks to the work and development, longer rides are now even more comfortable than ever.


Premium bibs

Virtually seamless

The number of seams in Premium trousers has been kept down to a minimum without compromising on comfort. This is possible thanks to the latest in fabric and material technologies.

The essentially seamless end result is not only beautiful to the eye, but also makes them the most aerodynamic shorrts with the least risk of friction.

Special Fabric

With a higher tissue density than usual, the Premium Level bib shorts are comfortable while also drawing moisture away from the skin surface. The special elastomer used in the fabric ensures optimal stretch, compression and helps maintain the shape of the shorts even after thousands of kilometres.