Men’s Jersey Active 3.0

  • 15-26 °C
  • 120 g

From moomoo’s cycling jersey range for racing. At just 120 grams, this jersey is designed for cyclists who want to maximise their fastest summertime rides.

The Active 3.0 jersey fits tight around the body like a second layer of skin. This makes for less wrinkles and excess material that create wind resistance. The jersey combines three technical Italian fabrics in a way that allows air to flow close to the body with excess heat vented through the side and back mesh.

As befits a racing jersey, it has a low neckline, a hidden front zipper and longer than average sleeves. It has a special side pocket for storing your first energy gel and subsequent empties.

If you are unsure about size or in between sizes, go for the larger option.

Product highlights:

  • slim-fit suitable for racing
  • lightweight
  • ventilating meshes on the sides
  • draws moisture away from the body
  • 4 mm YKK hidden coiled zipper
  • dropped neckline
  • seamless sleeves with added length
  • zipped extra pocket for storing valuables
  • extra ‘trash’ pocket
  • rubber stopper at the bottom

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The details on the jersey are shorter for aerodynamic purposes and fit tightly to the body. The front zipper of the jersey is hidden and the side panels have a mesh structure.


Designed for performance

The capillary action between technical fabrics allows moisture to be quickly drawn away from the surface of the skin so that it can evaporate in the outer layers.