Active | Men’s 2-Piece Ski Suit 4.0 | NEW

  • -10+5 °C
  • 370 g

Slim-fitting ski set consisting of trousers and shirt developed in collaboration with Estonia’s top biathletes. This lightweight combination provides maximum movement range and breathability during intense training and races.

The combination is made of three different technical fabrics. Elastomeric fibres in the main fabric ensures unmatched elasticity. Strategic mesh panels on the back and under the arms allow excess body heat to escape. The cut-outs on the arms and legs are designed to follow the descent position and have been subjected to a unique embossing process in France to enable turbulence in the fabric, which helps to direct airflow around the body with less disruption while reducing wind resistance and increasing descent speed.

A rubber stopper at the bottom of the back of the shirt keeps the top of the combination in place when moving. Clean-cut fabric technology allows the wearer to shorten the trousers themselves by up to 7 cm and for sleeves up to 6 cm.

This item is only available here as a custom design.

Product highlights:

  • snug slim-fit
  • zip strip to guard the chin
  • breathable mesh back
  • pulls moisture away from the body
  • aerodynamic fabrics used for sleeves and legs
  • silicone at the bottom of the back of the shirt
  • comfortable seamless sleeve ends and trouser legs
  • sleeve and leg length is adjustable