Team Vänt

Team Vänt (Team Crank) is a bike club rooted in the street. This band of crank brothers started as a group of fixie enthusiasts, but has since grown to include bikers from Track, Road and Cyclocross. Vänt are the organisers behind multiple events, the summer fixed gear festival ‘Tallinn Leg Days’, the winter ‘Team Vänt Omnium’ and the ‘Single-Speed Cyclo-Cross Universe Championship' (UMVSSCX) in the autumn. Additionally, they organise a bunch of criterium's or alleycat races around the city as well as group rides - such as the Spring and Autumn Road Classics

Through all their experiences gained on the bike, the team have developed one common ethos: ‘Don’t be a numb, just go for it!’



Team Vänt and moomoo

Team Vänt’s arrival in moomoo-land was stylish to say the least, peddling over on their fixies. The group arrived with bags of personality, high spirits and tons of creative energy which made for a perfect match with the moomoo way of life. The partnership began with designing the teams first riding clothes, the designs were inspired by arts and crafts and also photos. The co-operation has grown and now moomoo is proud to support the fixie and track racing events which the team organises. This energy will be carried over into the new season – stay tuned!

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Tallinn Leg Days

Every summer, the Tallinn Leg days is the highlight of the Estonian annual fixie calendar, it brings together all fixie fanatics from around Estonia and abroad to determine who has best legs!

Consisting of different races, the Tallinn Leg days includes events like a criterium, tracklocross, main race, sprintz and skidz® and the famous rear wheel sliding highlight the 'lohakunn'. The event is never complete without its great party.


Team Vänt Omnium

The Team Vänt Omnium is a track racing competition held in January, as Estonia does not have its own indoor velodrome – so the event takes place in the nearest indoor available velodrome, located in Panevėžyses Lithuania. The team also uses the event to host their own ‘winter retreat’. For more info about both of these events, head on over to their webpage.


Universal Championships in Single Speed Cyclo cross (UMVSSCX)

The so-called ‘Universal Championships in Single Speed Cyclo cross’ is a breed of Cyclo-cross meets Ghetto where one rule goes above all – the bike needs to be a single-speed!

On the start line you will find track bikes and free wheeling single speeds. Softies who turn up with their conventional bikes, have their gear system blocked off.

The reigning champion of the Universe is Indrek Narusk.



Back in 2015 the team decided to attend the Rotterdam Fixie festival and wanted to have some special looking bike kit to impress. The first drafts were created by team member Mart, who came up with a photo collage of a digitally created horned monster.

Another team member and graphic designer, Mathias, then turned those images into a design for the team kit.

By the year 2017, much of this mythical kit had become broken, worn out, lost or even stolen after a booze up in the Canary islands.

Under the leadership of Mathias Väärs, a new design was born (pictured). This time, the inspiration was asphalt: with a spray paint and stencil design. This design, combining both street art and Tallinn’s patchwork asphalt roads become the new look of the team.