Sports Club IKS

Titles like ‘president’ and ‘minister’ are nothing out of the ordinary when talking about members of the IKS sports club. However, these are not titles for the management of the sports club, but refer to the presidents and ministers of Estonia. Allow us to introduce you to the most important bodyguards of the state with a shared love of sports, a.k.a. IKS.

IKS was first initiated during the presidency of Lennart Meri. The club brings together officials from the Police and Border Guard Board, and includes employees from other institutions.

IKS and moomoo

The partnership with our favourite club began at the end of 2015 when IKS was looking for a new producer for their cycling clothing. We are glad for the set of random events that brought moomoo and IKS together.


IK + S = X

If ‘IK’ stands for bodyguards (ihukaitsja) and ‘S’ stands for sports club, then ‘X’ brings it all together, and that’s not all. The connective symbol ‘X’ conveys the shared interests and joy of discovery and the athletic lifestyle and hardships of club members.


President Kersti Kaljulaid

The President of Estonia is not an official member of IKS, but seeing as she appreciates the design of the club clothes and the idea of the club, she can be seen practicing in those colours. IKS has a member for every occasion – for keeping up with the President while running as well as skiing marathons. It is said that mountain bike racing might be added to the list of activities practiced by the President – testing clip pedals has worked the same magic on her as with everyone else.



The clothing for IKS club has been designed by Ain Kuuseoks.

The main goal of the design process is to combine the aesthetic and the practical. The tricolour if the Estonian flag is used for the overall look in combination with bright neon yellow elements for ensuring the visibility of the cyclist. Membership is indicated by police lions added to the design. The result is reflected in a harmonious design bringing all these aspects together.