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The Finnish National team made the debut in new kit at Tour of Estonia 2022. The goal of the Finnish Cyclists' Union is to promote and develop elite, competetive and recreational cycling and t o be the national central organization of these teams. The Finns have started the reconstruction process, during which the athlete will be created a clear path from junior to professional level.

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Photos: Hendrik Osula, Adam Illingworth, Andri Tallo

National Team of Finland and moomoo

Jorma Paakkari from the Finnish Cyclists' Union: "moomoo stood out during the bidding process with fast and flexible products and delivery times. Further discussions revealed that flexibility and customer orientation are practical things for moomoo, not just a sales pitch. If the price / quality balance of the products was in order, the decision to cooperate it was easy to do. With the contract signed, we guarantee the security of supply of the national team's clothes flexibly and cost-effectively."


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moomoo pyöräilyvaatteet

Suomen Pyöräily

Finland's oldest sports organization (since 1898) consists of more than a hundred clubs that are actively involved in racing or recreational cycling. Compared to Estonia, Finland has more recreational riders and gran fondo-type races.

The values ​​of the Finnish Cyclists' Union are respect, responsibility, cooperation and joy, and the union works primarily as a cooperation and advocacy organization.

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moomoo pyöräilyvaatteet


Timo Saabas, the author of the Finnish national team's clothing design: "For the Finnish national team's design, the goal was a uniform with a balanced minimalist style, which stands out, but has a certain similarity to the previous design. Since the Finns are currently undergoing a rebuilding process, there are no sponsors for the clothing yet. Therefore, the uniform has a lot of clean surface, which hopefully will soon be filled with the logos of major sponsors."

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