Meet our ambassador – Evgeni!

Sport is Evgeni's second profession, with the simple bicycle he dreams of an office in the high mountains. Each year he pedals out over 10'000 kilometres a year, crisscrossing Estonia on all sorts of roads and tracks.

Occasionally Evgeni gets to tackle the "real" mountains with most of the worlds famous mountain peaks and the L'Étape du Tour featuring in his Palmarès, as well as a peddled  ascent up Mount Everest.


Evgeni is a moomoo ambasador.

Evgeni pulled on his first moomoo-made shirt during the Tallinn-Tartu Gran Fondo back in 2015 when moomoo was just two years old. Since this first contact, his association with moomoo has grown into a daily partnership.

The importance of choosing the right bike wear was evident since Evgeni's first serious competition. Now he is helping with testing clothes so he can pass on that knowledge to other riders, so they can get the right clothes for their needs.


'Everesting' Conquering Mount Everest, by bike!

The principle is simple: Ride up and down and up and down until you reach a total of 8848m in altitude gain. Just as much as you would need to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Back in September 2018 on the Spanish mountain slope of Monserrat. Evengi, together with the marketing manager of Hawaii Express Priit Salumäe became the first Estonians to tackle this challenge. Together, with some short breaks, they were able to  conquer 'Mount Everest' in 16 hours and 27 minutes with a total altitude gain of 9034m, going even higher than the worlds highest mountain.


L’Étape du Tour and the EST.1918 cycling kit

The picture of Evgeni just before he tackled his first l’Étape du Tour is probably the world's most famous picture of him and his moomoo clothing. The winning photo of the event's social media channel was an undeniable favourite of the audience. From this the message was clear that even those from the flatter parts of the world belonged just as much to the cycling culture as those from the mountain kingdoms.


Reaching 'Ironman' status

As Evegni had tried different cycling challenges, like cycling from Tartu-Riga (300 km) and Tallinn-St. Petersburg (750 km). His Friends thought it was time for him to try a virtual Ironman.

While completing a running maraton was not his biggest challenge (he already had a sub-three hour maraton under his belt), the third part of the triathlon, the swimming was to prove the hardest part. But with his friends he started to do swimming trainings.

But the challenge was there and with hard work, Evgeni was able to complete his first full length ironman, In Tallinn, in the same year.