Viko Cycling Club from the village of Vändra in Pärnu County was formed in 1990. It was founded by legendary cycling coach Erich Perner. The name was an amalgamation of Vihtra Collective Farm (Estonian: Vihtra Kolhoosi)

Until recently, Vändra was mostly known for the tales and stories recorded in Estonian literary history, but now thanks to the incredible exploits of it’s two famous sons - Rein Taaremäe and Tanel Kangert on the world cycling stage, Vändra now has more tales to add to it’s history.

Despite the recent achievements of Rein and Tanel, Viko does not look to rest on it’s already impressive harvest and is busy training the stars of tomorrow in Tom Hints, Mik Madisson, Andro Kurg and Martin Kurg


Viko and moomoo

Viko was one of the first teams to choose moomoo, back when moomoo was just starting out in its first years of business. Five years later, Viko feel the strength of moomoo’s operations, its flexible and personal approach, have been important to the growth of this partnership. “It’s fun being able to work with those people, who really have their soul in cycling”


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There aren't many mountains or hills around Vändra, geographically it’s as flat as a pancake, but despite that, they have been able to produce two young cyclists, both of whom have shown on the world’s highest mountain peaks. In many ways the area has become an unexpected hotbed for cycling in Estonia and continues to do so, in organising road races, cyclocross and recently the Estonian National Road Race Championships


Cycling Coach Erich Perner

The team was started by cycling coach Erich Perner. Erich originally worked in the local collective farms around Vändra, but after the breakup of collective farming in the early 90’s, he saw that it was crucial to create a cycling club which will help keep the young boys from the area out of trouble. "There's not enough time or energy to get into trouble if you are busy doing serious sport," was Erich’s philosophy. Thus Viko Cycling Club was born.

With a training ethos based more on dedication, training methods and team work rather than the latest scientific approaches. Erich has had a huge influence on the lives of the young riders, many of which are still connected with cycling to this day.  

"The goal was not just to bring someone to the top of the cycling world. The most important thing is for the young lad to grow into a man that will think with his head, all my boys have managed to do that"

Over the years his best-known riders are Rein Taaramäe, Tanel Kangert, Silver Schultz, Enn Rohtla, Priit Tuisk, Mehis Mets, Lauri Lind, Siim Urm, Kristen Kivistik, Silver Lehemets, Gert Kivistik and Karl-Arnold Vendelin.



The author of the Viko team kit is designer Jüri Lõun from the creative agency PULT.

The design is a radical departure from the regular designs often used by local cycling teams. The Viko team kit is notable for its clean and simplistic lines with clear but large logos. With a slightly retro feel, it is a great example of a design where the club has given the designer a free hand. As testimony to the strength of the this design, the team kit has remained unique and unchanged since its creation in 2011.



Photography by Adam Illingworth and moomoo