Meet our ambassador – Rando!

Meet our ambassador - Rando!

The photos of Rando, who calls himself a professional "weightlifter", still make friends smile, but if you talk to him today, you can swear that he must have been a man who has lived in sports all his life. With a sporty appearance and a calm state of mind Rando is a great example and story of how (re) finding sports and with the support of a good coach helps paves the way for a more conscious and better life.


Rando and moomoo

Rando's collaboration with moomo began at the finish of Tõrva cross-triathlon, where he, a private photographer at the time, and Allan, the founder of moomo and the winner of that triathlon, met. The relationship began with the creation of a specially designed bike kit for Rando, and further cooperation was immediately established.

Rando's help with development work still helps to make moomoo products better and his inspiring social media and blog's are helpful to serve as a role models for many like-minded people. Conversations on top sports, training and lifestyle, which are no less important part of cooperation and a source of inspiration, keep the freshness and energy alongside the development work.


Redefining objectives

Today, Rando considers his biggest achievement to be working "with his head" - towards the goal of enjoying the path of transformation of an amateur's need for achievement. He acknowledges that in order to reach this enlightenment, it was "obviously necessary" to go through 2 full-length IRONMANs and experience many setbacks due to stupid decisions.

The step-by-step move towards a more conscious (sporting) life has resulted in the harmony of body and mind. Rando says that if he were to write a letter to a 25-year-old today, rethinking sports would probably be a recurring theme.


Events and Goals

Rando's main goal is to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Moving from a pursuit of a utopian error-free and perfect life to a life without expectations.

To date, Rando has completed three full-length IRONMANs and participated in one L'Etape du Tour. He trains a lot, but always purposefully. With the exception of full-length triathlons, the heart calls for longer and more intimate efforts within the fellowship of friendships.

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"When you finally get to know the little things, all the events seem spectacular - like a dodge of a thunderstorm in a bike ride, a day in the woods with friends, or when you discover in a locker room that you forgot a swim bag at home." - Rando Kall


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