Classic | Socks

  • 5-25 °C
  • 30 g

Technical and multipurpose long cycling socks. The sole and heel have a denser structure for added support, while the mesh top allows the foot to breathe unobstructed. Polypropyline socks are soft and comfortable. Added elastane allows for a perfect fit around the foot. Socks in team colours will be the finishing touch to your club kit.

Cycling socks can be ordered with a custom design. For better results, we recommend that you avoid fine graphics/text in the design as the socks are woven. Also note that the choice of threads limits the design options for cycling socks.

The minimum order quantity is 50 pairs of all sizes in total.

Product highlights:

  • extra support for the sole and heel
  • breathable honeycomb weave over the foot and leg
  • soft to the touch (acrylic 80%)
  • elastic (elastane 20%)