Premium | Men’s Jersey 1.2

  • 14-25 °C
  • 115 g

Our newest addition to the men’s jersey range is the Premium jersey. This aerodynamic and technical jersey is a combination of four different Italian fabrics, each with its own specific purpose.

The Premium jersey has the most aerodynamic fit of all of the moomoo jerseys. Compared to others, the jersey features our tightest fit around the body. An anatomical cut is designed based on the rider’s riding position. As the Premium jersey fits particularly close to the body, it is worth choosing a size that is a number larger than your usual size or trying on sizes before ordering.

The sleeves of the jersey have an aerodynamic pattern, which is applied to the fabric with a special embossing in France. For thermoregulation of the body, the jersey has extra-breathable mesh heating panels and an airy micro-patterned back panel.

NB! However, if you are not as thin as a professional rider, we recommend choosing two numbers larger than your usual size.

This item is only available here as a custom design.

Product highlights:

  • super-slim-fit-aero cut
  • rapid sweat wicking properties
  • 4 mm YKK hidden spiral zipper
  • reinforced rear pockets with an additional zip closed pocket
  • seamless and aerodynamic sleeves
  • comfortable silicone rubber stoppers on the sleeves and the bottom hem
  • stoppers on the sides and back
  • vertical collar



Designed for competition and training

Elite Jersey is designed for the most intense and fastest cycling.



A tight-fitting cycling jersey, aerodynamically fast and allows you to direct sweat away from the body surface as quickly as possible.