Men’s Gravel Jersey 3.0 | NEW

  • 15-30 °C
  • 95 g

Men’s loose-fit cycling jersey designed for your next adventure. The ultra-light and quick-drying jersey is a versatile product that can also be used for other sports activities.

The thinner-than-average perforated polyester fabric and free-falling cut give the Gravel jersey better ventilation and comfort than a regular cycling jersey.

This item is only available here as a custom design.

Product highlights:

  • made of lightweight polyester
  • sweat wicking
  • breathable
  • fast drying
  • universal cut



Perfect match

The Gravel shirt is best matched with the moomoo Cargo bib-shorts. In this way, the strengths of the jersey come out best, while maintaining the functionality of the pocket of the cycling shirt.


Inspired jersey

The extended back, close-fitting sleeves and functional fabric give the Gravel jersey an advantage not typically found on a sports shirt. The length and cut of the shirt take into account both the cycling position and the upright position of the body. Properly loose-fit body parts and snug sleeves are a good compromise between ventilation and aerodynamics.