Custom | Pro 2-Piece Ski Suit 3.0 | NEW

  • -10-+5 °C
  • 370 g

Slim-fit ski suit consists of tights and shirt with trousers that fits snugly around the body. This suit offers maximum mobility and breathability during intense training and competition.
Made of different technical fabrics. The elastomer of the main fabric offers exceptional elasticity and freedom of movement. Strategic back and armpit mesh panels direct excess heat away from the body.
The rubber stoppers at the bottom of the shirt keeps the top in place during skiing. Clean-cut technology allows the lower leg of the trousers to be shortened by up to 3 cm.

As an extra, it is possible to order energy gel pockets for the legs of the trousers to help with marathon skiing.

This item is only available here as a custom design.


  • close-fitting, slim-fit
  • breathable mesh back
  • low cuffs
  • stop silicone stoppers at the bottom of the shirt
  • trouser drawstring
  • comfortable seamless trouser legs

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