Custom | Men’s Bib Shorts Basic 2.0

  • 15-28 °C
  • 200 g

The classic Basic series cycling bib-shorts are now even better. With new sewing cutting technology, combined with a carved padded insert make these cycling bib-shorts comfortable both on the road and off-road.

Basic series cycling bib-shorts have a anatomical fit onto the body, but with a wider cut than Pro or Pro Race bib-shorts. Its details are designed to fit more where excess material needs to be kept to a minimum, and are more spacious elsewhere to fit different body shapes. This approach is combined with lighter and more elastic bib straps.

The cushioning consists of two layers of different densities: a medium-density upper layer (60 kg / m3) and a supporting base layer (90 kg / m3), designed for cycling of up to 3 hours.

The shorts are sewn with elastic special threads and using a special flatseam thread.

This item is only available here as a custom design.



  • regular-fit
  • breathable top
  • super elastic braces
  • 50+ UV protection
  • 45 mm silicone strips
  • integrated key pocket
  • 60 kg/m3 + 90 kg/m3 density 2-piece pad
  • Eloflex threads
  • soft flat seam thread

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Double Soft


Three different materials


Double Soft

Airy and light cushioning made by carving. The unique manufacturing method combines the stronger and softer parts of the pad without sharp edges, seams and glue layers. The soft and thin end result minimises pressure on sensitive areas, while providing the necessary support for longer rides.

The smooth even padding on the top is covered with a particularly soft fabric.


Three different materials

The materials for Basic bibs have been selected with extra care. The Shield Endurance fabric is soft, stretchy and pleasant against the skin, making it one of the best textiles in the world for making bibs. Shield Endurance helps ensure that the bibs fit nice and snug. The inside material is particularly resistant to friction and the lightweight uppers ensure first-rate breathability.

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