Classic | Men’s Jacket 2.2 | NEW

  • 0-12 °C
  • 420 g

Jacket with thermal insulation to ensure comfort when cycling in a wide range of temperatures, from near-zero to 15 degrees Celsius. The jacket is designed for layered clothing. It can serve as a second or third layer depending on the pace and length of your workout as well as the ambient temperature. The three layer fabric on the back is windproof, offers protection against precipitation and ventilates most of the heat generated by the body.

As the name suggests, the Classic thermal jacket features a classic fit that follows the contours of the body while retaining freedom of movement thanks to its moderate width. The longer front panels are useful for longer rides and the jacket is well-suited for other outdoor activities.

To provide protection from wind chill, the jacket has a high neck collar and long sleeve cuffs that wrap around the glove. A full-length windbreak strip under the zipper blocks out the cold, and a special zipper pit makes sure your skin does not come into contact with the zipper.

This item is only available here as a custom design.

Product highlights:

  • regular-fit
  • fleece lining with heat-retaining waffle pattern
  • windproof
  • waterproof rating 10,000 mm
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR)
  • breathable 11,000 g/m2 24h
  • Opti plastic-moulded 6 mm zip
  • three back pockets
  • full-length windbreak strip
  • high neck collar with fleece lining



Protective microclimate

The triple layer fabric of the thermal jacket protects against the cold by creating thermal insulation between the skin and the exterior. The first layer of the laminated fabric that is pressed against the skin, and also the middle layer both retain heat, keeping the body warm and protecting it.

Windproof and breathable membrane blocks cold air from penetrating the fabric while allowing excess body heat to escape. All these features combined help to maintain the body’s microclimate and make exercise enjoyable.