Whats up the road this year? 2022 Edition

We started last year’s preview in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Today, it seems strange that in some places it was forbidden to go outside even to pedal your bike while lockdowns were taking their grip. Optimism has grown steadily since then and we all looked forward to the year ahead. Until the morning of February 24 this year, when the news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hit. In a situation like this, it was difficult and even inappropriate to write about “What the year 2022 will bring” when the thoughts of all of us are actually elsewhere. The year 2022 begins with a joint statement of support for Ukraine, and the following section provides an overview of what we have prepared for you for the season ahead. Happy reading!

Product Updates

As always, the feedback we receive from testing gives us an enormous help in product development. We are grateful to all of you who have volunteered to test our products. All the feedback gets collected, reviewed and changes are put on the design team’s table. Most clothes have received changes or additions (the new model number indicates an update). All this to improve the cycling experience.
While most of the innovations are adjustments to product detail, fabrics or cuts, there are also brand new models. Noteworthy are the super-slim-fit Elite cycling jerseys created for Elite racers, the special Gravel shirt created for the gravel scene with the Cargo gravel shorts, as well as the world-class stand-alone speedsuit. In addition, we have created a special women’s section for several products, and increased the entire range of children’s clothing, as a result of which the children’s clothing section will take a big step forward this year.


We have harmonized the names of the jackets so that the selection is easier to navigate and the name refers to the field of use of the product. From this year, the selection includes Winter Jacket Basic (end of Termotagi) and Pro (end of Riparo) and Raincoat Basic (end of wind jacket) and Pro (end of Regen). During the transition period, the name change is referred to in both the price list and the product catalog. The products have undergone innovations in development, but are still known for their old goodness.

Web-Shop Update

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Our Essentials range have undergone a major update. As a result of a thorough review, we decided to lose Essentials as a separate collection but to maintain the same familiar concept for new clothes (minimalist timeless design, always available in stock). Due to the regularities and restrictions of the so-called classic collection, we wanted to make the nature of clothing sales freer, more flexible and more dynamic, more of a “moomoo” face. Simplified, the minimalist visual style and the high quality of moomoo are maintained in all ready-made clothes of the e-store, but the range of clothes is wider, the choice of colours is bolder and constantly changing over time. This leaves us with the opportunity to be better than we are and to provide fresh and high-quality stuff quickly when needed. You will recognize the new products by the moIX motif, which refers to the 9th season of moomoo. We are constantly adding new products to the selection of the e-store starting from next week. We will be bringing you more details of the new products soon!

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moomoo rattariided

The coming weeks will bring forward a lot of new designs, order planning and positive anxiety ahead of the new season. For many clubs, the process of ordering clothes is the traditional start of the season, because nothing boosts your motivation quite like new kit day! Over the winter are designers have been hard at work to bring fresh designs to your custom team order. With the help of the custom product catalog the desired products and quantities are set and the order goes into operation. We are also working on solutions that would speed up and simplify the entire custom clothing process.

We encourage new clubs, companies, groups of friends and individual cyclists to discover the charm of custom clothing – there are no minimum quantities when ordering from us, and making clothes with a unique design is not as expensive, complicated or time consuming as you might think. If you are thinking about ordering cycling clothes with your own design and the process seems difficult for you, please contact our customer coordinator or arrange a visit. We will explain and assist you throughout the process as much as you need. You can choose the products you need, find the right size and discuss your thoughts with the designer. It usually takes a week to create a new design and complete an order, with an average production time of four weeks. Depending on the season, the exact times may fluctuate here and there. If you think you have already fallen asleep at the right moment, it is also possible to make clothes as an express order for an additional fee.

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