What’s up the road this year? 2021 edition.

Once again we pull out our moomoo crystal ball with a preview of the year ahead.

What a difference a year can have, 12 months ago we did not predict that the biggest selling fashion accessory of the year would be a face mask or that we would be watching the Giro at the end of October! Last year was both good and bad for cycling. For some people full-lockdown meant no cycling outside, so instead virtual mountains of places like Watopia were discovered. In other places cycling outside was encouraged and with a lot of indoor venues like gyms, swimming pools and spa’s being closed, suddenly getting out on the bike was easier than ever. Safe to say we do not know what exactly will happen this year, but we can still plan and hope for the best. Here in our first blog of the year we will look forward to some of the things we have in our plans.

One of the things we love the most, is to hear the feedback from you the customers. At races, out riding or through our social media channels, we love to hear your comments and know your thoughts and suggestions on our products. Thank you very much for that. This feedback has allowed us to make some changes and improvements to some of our products.

A wider choice of essentials…

Things are looking up in the Essentials range! Pictured jacket: Waterproof Regan 1.1

We were so excited last year with the launch of our new Essentials range and the feedback we received from you the customers was fantastic. For this year we plan to widen the essentials range with brand new products, designs and colours. There will now be much more options suiting both male and female riders of different abilities. And as always our essentials collection is always in-stock, so you have the convenience of knowing your favourite item is available when you need it.


On-demand is back!!

On demand is back, keep and eye open because it is going quick

On demand is back, keep and eye open because it is going quick!

Our On-demand range last year such as the collab we did with EKA design school and our special edition Spark range for women was a huge hits with us receiving our highest ever amount of pre-orders. We were proud when we got to send these orders out to their new owners just a few days after their orders had been received and in-time for the summer sun. This year we are pleased to announce that On-demand will be back in 2021 with some new designs and uniqueness – as always, to maintain exclusivity, these are available for a limited time only so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list and have an eye on our social media channels to be notified when we have a new On-demand campaign ready to drop.


Gravel, because smooth roads are so old fashioned!

Gravel – the new cycling Buzz word! Combining the adventure side of mountain biking and cycle touring with the look and feel of road cycling, it is safe to say that Gravel is here to stay. moomoo is getting into gravel this year with some products designed specifically for the demands and characteristics of this new way to peddle two wheels that will make you feel equally cool and stylish no matter what new paths you discover! 

Gravel is about exploring with your bike



Last year we wrote about the mythical slopes of Mount Fuji and how we can’t wait to see moomoo clothes in action as they ride up this mountain during the Summer Olympic Games, well the dream is still there and hopefully we will not have to wait much more longer. Of course we do not know for sure if the Olympics will happen this year or not – but one thing we know for sure is that if there is a race then moomoo will be there proudly on the shoulders of the men and women of the Estonian Olympic Team. We look forward to finally sharing with you the work we have done for these games and we are proud to say you can also take home your own olympic team gear!


So there you have it, the crystal ball has spoken! Now time for me to pull my bike out of the garage, put on my moomoo Regan jacket and moomoo winter tights and enjoy the road ahead.


Photography by Adam Illingworth. Olympic games photo by David Goldman (AP Photo)