New Essentials coming in 2021!

Over the winter months we have been hard at work designing and updating our very popular Essentials collection! We have new products and colour solutions to look forward too and and we also took the opportunity to refine some of the existing products you are familiar with. You should already start to see our new designs available in our online store and as you have come to expect, the essentials range is always in stock!

Minimalist look, but maximum content – in the Essentials series you will find everything you need to fill your cycling wardrobe.

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New Riparo 2.1 winter cycling jacket

New season, updated models

While others may have been enjoying the long ski season this winter, we were hard at work on the cutting room floor and the factory developing our new products and looks (okay we also did some cycling during that time) to be ready for the new season. Most of the models you are already familiar and these have received small updates, which means an update to the cut, fabric or technology. The Essentials range includes products for all seasons. Follow the detailed information and size chart on the product page and you can make the choice that suits you best. If you have previous experience with our clothes, you can trust the same size. If necessary, feel free to ask for help and we will find the most suitable solution for you.

We are grateful to all professionals, enthusiasts and also to you for sharing your feedback with us. You can be sure that your feedback will reach the decision makers.

Windproof Gilet Pro 2.0 – The innovative rear pockets make it easier than ever to find what you need!


Wider product range, updated colours!

To the delight of winter riders, we are supplementing the Essentials product range with winter accessories. A under helmet cap, warm scarf and winter overshoes will help you to extend your season. We know you like your scarfs when cycling but sometimes they are not always the most comfortable, so we have improved the design for this year.

Among the summer accessories, we have extended the selection of wind beakers, PRO series socks, bottles and other things that a rider needs to offers excitement. Among the accessories, you will also find some great value gifts for any lucky cyclist.

The clothes of the Essentials collection have so far been well received with their timeless design and classic colour solutions. It is great to combine them with already existing clothes, the stylish design is eye catching and lasts a long time. In terms of colour, red, forest green, yellow and grey have been added to the selection.

Unexpected times

2020 was a difficult and unpredictable year for everyone, but on the other hand, this situation offered an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and dedicate time to something important (ie: more cycling!).

The successful rider feels comfortable riding the bike, which means a well tuned bike, but also a functional and visually stylish choice of clothes. Also think about what footprint you leave behind. Although we are proud of the durability of our clothes, their durability depends mainly on how you take care of your clothes. In the event of an accident, know that the clothes in the Essentials collection are covered by a crash guarantee and we will do our best to make sure your broken clothes fit for use again.

We are also finishing up Essentials products and will be updating the product range and stocks every week. In the meantime, check your wardrobe, put in place what you need, and soon we will invite you back to choose new clothes. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive information about new products.