How to choose the right cycling kit for you? Part 3

In our third and final chapter of our series explaining how to choose the correct kit we look at the essential items of cycling kit and how to finish off your collection.

A cyclists wardrobe

Every cyclists wardrobe includes a pair of cycling shorts, a short sleeve jersey, a functional undervest, arm warmers plus leg warmers and a windproof jacket. This is the basic’s that is needed to be able to get out during the summer and ride in comfort, knowing you have everything you will need.

The wardrobe of the active cyclist: Pro Race bib-shorts, Pro Jersey, baselayer, armwarmers, legwarmers and a Gillet.

Sometimes it can be difficult when starting out to have all the equipment needed for every scenario, often it helps to mix and match other sports clothing you might have from other sporting disciplines. For example a warm winter hat can be worn under the helmet or some running or skiing tights can be put over the bib shorts when the owner does not have a pair of long cycling shorts. However these temporary replacements can become uncomfortable over time as their specific designs are not intended for cycling.

For those who ride for fun, the love of cycling can mean you end up riding even in weather that is not ideal for riding. However, with the right clothing, cycling can be enjoyable in any weather. A warm, functional long-sleeved cycling jersey can be the next member of cyclists wardrobe. This protects against the wind and keeps the body warmer better than just a short jersey with sleeves. On a cool summer evening or autumn, a long sleeve jersey is one of the main elements of a rider’s clothing.

The legs have a small surface area in comparison to the rest of the body and participate less in the body’s thermoregulation. Therefore, the feet are naturally frost resistant. If however the temperatures really drop and leg warmers and shorts no longer provide adequate warmth, it is worth thinking about windproof and warm long cycling tights.

If you happen to ride in the cold and cool more often, you should consider purchasing a special cycling jacket. It is necessary to put a fewer layers of clothing under such a jacket (mostly only a base shirt). Top quality jackets breathe very well, much better than many layers of different clothes. Active cyclists and elite athletes accumulate a lot of training kilometres in the cold and cool, so they highly value the riding comfort resulting from less clothing and better thermoregulation.

Whether you are an amateur or an elite athlete, it is still worth buying wisely: you should buy what you really need. Individual extreme riding situations can usually be solved by combining existing clothes. The clothing industry has a high environmental impact and the damage to clothing manufacturers is greatest when the item of clothing is left unused in the closet. As the kilometers accumulate, there is also user experience, which in turn helps to make wise purchasing decisions.