The Essentials

From 2020, all of our ready-to-wear cycling clothes will be available on a pre-order basis. But what happens when you need clothes right away?

For this purpose, we are excited to introduce our latest product line.

moomoo essentials 

In every cyclist wardrobe, there are those key ingredients, the must-haves, the essentials. The ‘moomoo essentials’, brings this collection together. With designs that mix simplicity with style, while still offering the very maximum in performance. This is a collection that is always in stock and always available for your next ride. 

Signature: moomoo essentials cycling clothing are the essentials that every rider needs to have in their kit bag

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essential ‹-se 2› ‹adj› important, absolutely necessary, fundamental. Def: Often they [= riders] dress in different gear and clothes .. they have lost the cultural, essential part of cycling ..*

*our own definition

moomoo essentials cycling clothes are stylishly designed. Made to be worn alone or to complement items that are already in your wardrobe. With timeless style, such as our classic black bib-short. You would not be out of place on any bike ride, or even with a bright pair of pink socks.

moomoo Pro v 4.0 

In this collection, we always include our latest and greatest models. The most notable product among these are the moomoo pro 4.0 silicone-free bib-shorts, which, thanks to the low profile seams, perfectly match the already well-known Pro Race jersey, a jersey renowned for its comfort and performance. For many products, we have used pre-dyed fabrics and reflective elements which ensure visibility in traffic during low light.

Pro Navy Womens Cycling Jersey and Bib-Short Pro 3.0

Women’s Cycling Clothing!

This year we are expanding our Women’s product range. Women’s Basic Jersey and Strap free cycling shorts will be released after much demand and our Bib-Shorts are getting a long awaited refresh which we hope will add a bit more colour to the peloton! Plus all the items in our women’s range are also available separately as Custom Clothes

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moomoo essentials: always in stock, always ready to go

moomoo essentials is the only line in our product range which is always available and in-stock. This way, you can always be sure that it will be available when you need them. Because we know you can not wait to try on and ride the clothes as soon as you get them, we have taken the extra step of pre-washing the clothes, ensuring the materials are softer, more comfortable and ready to go!

Dress in style, ride responsibly!

Behind this clothing is a transparent and ethical production. One of our goals is to reduce the build-up of excess stocks caused by overproduction. While essentials remain our core “always in stock” product line, all of our other collections are now made-to-order, with all products pre-ordered on a weekly basis.

The whole world is moving, for the better, towards more environmentally friendly behavior and practices. Therefore we always give priority to higher quality products whose origin and quality you can be sure of. With timeless design that is made to transcend the latest trends, you can be sure of staying in fashion without the need to replace your kit when next season rolls around.

Taking care of your clothes

A great tip that we love to tell our customers is to always wash a new item of clothing before wearing it for the first time, as this will make it softer and more comfortable. Also to help reduce waste, we recommend to wash your clothes in a Guppyfriend laundry bag to save fabrics and protect nature.

Like it or not, crashing is one of the realities of cycling, sometimes this can also damage your clothes. We don’t want to see an otherwise perfectly good piece of kit go to waste, so for that reason, the moomoo essentials series is always covered by a crash guarantee, meaning we will repair any clothes that are damaged in a crash. So you can feel good when riding in your favourite gear ☺

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Photography: Adam Illingworth