moomoo base layers

moomoo’s journey in making base layers began in 2016 when we started looking for the right material for our products. We paid a visit to our fabric supplier while attending Eurobike, one of the largest cycling-themed fairs in the world, and they gave us a run-through of new options, focussing primarily on a fabric made of Dryarn and XLA fibres. We were immediately fascinated by this fabric since it was exactly the thing we had been looking for.


What is Dryarn? Dryarn is a microfibre that significantly improves the comfort levels of athletes. The fabric reacts well to frequent weather changes and manages the needs of athletes working out with different levels of intensity as it diverts moisture away from the body at the right moment, keeping you nice and dry. This makes Dryarn the perfect material for base layers.



Dryarn fibres are among the lightest among all fabrics, being about 33% lighter than both wool and polyester. A garment’s lightness is an important factor in sports because it allows athletes to feel comfortable and increases their chances of achieving better athletic results.


Sportswear should always match the conditions outside, but ideally it should also adapt to weather changes. The head transfer coefficient of Dryarn is 6 (the same coefficient for polyester, for example, is 7 and 17.5 for cotton). This means that the fabric we are talking about helps make sure that heat does not go to waste in colder conditions while also allowing excess heat to be swiftly diverted away from the body in higher temperatures. XLA fibres guarantee exceptional elasticity, providing freedom of movement for all types of sports.


One of the main signs of high-quality base layers is their ability to divert moisture away from the body in order to improve comfort when engaging in sports activities and to reduce the wearer’s risk of catching a cold after working out.

The liquid absorption coefficient of Dryarn is 0.13 (the same coefficient for polyester, for example, is 0.72 and 7.30 for cotton). This means that part of the secret of a good base layer lies in the property of the fabric to quickly divert moisture away from the surface of the skin through capillary action rather than absorb it. This fabric functions well for less intense physical activity (when sweat vaporises) as well as during more intense workouts (when sweat is in liquid form).

For best results, the base layer should be worn under a polyester cycling jersey, such the moomoo Basic or Pro model. This creates a tribo-electric effect that speeds up the diversion of sweat.

For different seasons we have come out with two models for moomoo’s base layers: the sleeved version and the sleeveless version. Both of these can be combined with various outerwear. For example, take the sleeved model for wearing under a Riparo during a cycling trip in autumn, or wear the sleeveless model under a Pro shirt for some midsummer exercise. There are further potential combinations, and as we already said, our base layers can be used for a range of different activities.

For more information on technical base layers see moomoo’s Dryarn product catalogue. You can also come see the shirts for yourselves in our office in Tartu.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information on Dryarn.