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This spring, the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts will shake up the landscape of cycling clothing. In collaboration with EAA, we created a collection, with bright, bold designs that bring style and fashion and for a moment discard the norms, rules and restrictions of regular cycling kit!

The work of these young designers brings genuine feelings of freedom and cycling into today's limited life. Get to know the designer of each kit, the backstory and meaning of the design, and recall the emotions of cycling.

Available ON- Demand for a limited time only, with a delivery to the customer expected the following week.


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14-Day money back guarantee

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Ordering is open ON-Demand for a limited time only, the clothes will be ready and delivered the following week. In this way we ensure we can create exactly the amount needed, reducing the environmental damage caused by stockpiles.

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14-day money back guarantee

14 day money back guarantee is included (from date of delivery) if for whatever reason you want to return.


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